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Forensic Document Consultants was established in September 2006 with the aim of providing a professional expert document examination service to individuals, companies and industries that have been or is at risk of being the victims of fraud or any other crime or action in which documents are involved. 

The strong basis and extensive knowledge and experience the company is based on ensures complete and accurate examination of all document-related problems to the client s satisfaction.

Forensic Document Consultants specializes in the forensic examination of documents which includes laboratory examinations, interpretation of findings and presentation of conclusions reached for intelligence purposes or for use in court.

Services and examinations provided :

Handwriting comparison and individualization

Signature comparison and individualization

Identification of forgeries

The examination and individualization of typewriting, photocopies, laser printers, etc.

The examination of erasures, additions, obliterations or alterations on documents.

The individualizing of apparatus that produced documents e.g. rubber stamps, printing presses, copy- and facsimile apparatus.

Restoration of obscured writing and indentations on documents.

The examination of cheques, credit cards and banknotes (RSA and foreign) to determine authenticity

The examination and restoration of torn, soiled, charred or burnt documents

The examination of Identity Documents, Passports, Visafs, etc. to determine authenticity and identify alterations, substitutions, etc.

The examination and comparison of writing instruments, inks, paper and other media used in committing crimes.

The rendering of expert evidence in court.

The examination and identification of fingerprints

Research and development regarding security paper, security features in paper, etc.

Risk analysis and solutions regarding documentation

Training : The thorough, professional training of staff in the early identification of possible fraudulent and forged documents is the greatest safeguard against being the victim of fraud. All personnel involved in the handling of documents should be knowledgeable and comfident in the early identification and handling of potential problem cases.

The Company has all necessary forensic equipment and appropriate reference materials to render a complete forensic document examination service.

To provide a forensic document examination service of the utmost excellence and integrity.

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